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Application Engineering Inc. began in response to the need for components other than dynamometers and data acquisition systems for engine testing. We have responded for over 30 years to these needs for the increased utilization of engine test cells by palletization or cart mounting of the engines, and related test cell equipment. Our engine testing equipment include Dynamometers, Engine Coolant Cooling Systems, Engine Handling Equipment, Fuel Systems and Drivelines.

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  • Horizontal/Vertical Small Engine Dynamometers
  • Horizontal Engine Test Stands with Dynamometers
  • Eddy Current Dynamometers from SAJ
  • Types of Dynamometers
  • Dynamometer Base Weldments and Engine Test Stands
  • Flanges, torsional couplings, and complete drivelines

Engine Coolant Cooling Systems
  • Standard Cooling System replaces the radiator in a test cell to cool the engine coolant
  • Sizing, Testing, and Qualifying
  • Alternate use cooling systems for dynamometers, engine oil, transmission fluids, turbo intercoolers
  • Options available - Computer Temperature Control, Fluid Heating, Pumping, Stationary Mounting, Remote and Control Room Controls

Engine Handling Equipment
  • Multiple Standard Engine Cart Sizes
  • Engine Cart Receivers
  • Small Engine Test Stands
  • Quick Lock Small Engine Test Stand Configurations
  • Auxiliary Equipment – Jackstands, Vibration Mounts, Engine Rear Mounts, Standard SAE Rear Mounts, Specialized Mounts, Specialty Fabricated Motor Stands, Engine Accessories

Fuel Systems
  • Fuel Types – Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol, LP,
  • Fuel Delivery Systems
  • Options – Fuel Cooling, Diesel Fuel Heating, Measuring, Pressure control, Tempering, Fuel Management
  • Discrete Components Available - Level Tanks, Day Tanks, Vapor Tanks, Backpressure Fuel Regulator

Driveline and Torsional Coupling
  • Voith Highly Flexible Torsional Couplings
  • Torsional Vibration Analysis (TVA), Finite element analysis of drivelines
  • Driveshaft – Cardan Shafts, Universal Joint (UJ), Specialty Shafts, Constant Velocity Driveshafts
  • Integration of Flexible Couplings into Quick Connect Drivelines
  • Driveshaft Guards
  • Flywheel, Inertia Mass Systems
  • Flanges, Flexdiscs, Flange adapters

Actuator Systems
  • Standard Duty Throttle Actuators
  • Heavy Duty Throttle Actuators
  • Analog Actuator Systems
  • Specail Use Positon Control

Engine Dynamometer Test Cells
  • (4) Engine Test Cell with Engine Testing Equipment
  • Small Engine Test Stands available 25 KW and 40 HP
  • Midsize Engine Test Stand available 250 KW, 300 HP
  • Contract Engine Testing Services

  • CAD Modeling in Solidworks
  • TVA
  • SolidCam
  • CNC Machining
DeVlieg 96” X 96” X 50” Horizontal Mill
Hurco 30” X 20” X 20” Vertical Mill
Bridgeport 20” diameter X 36” travel Lathe
(269) 639-7229 ext 285
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  • Fuel Delivery Systems

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  • Combustion Air Cart

    Combustion Air System
    Control the temperature and
    humidity of air to the engine,
    measured with Coriolis Mass
    Air Flow Meter
  • Table Top Engine Dynamometer

    Low inertia dynamometer for engines less than 5 HP.  Speed 0 – 12,000 rpm. Toque 0 – 6.5 N•m Learn more »