Engine Test Cells

Engine Test CellApplication Engineering has four engine test cells available for contract testing. AEI can handle 1 HP to 400 HP, gasoline, diesel, or natural gas.  AEI will make or buy additional equipment as needed to make your testing a success.  AEI, located in South Haven, MI, just a few hours’ drive from Chicago or Detroit. AEI can provide manpower support to monitor testing, engineering analysis of the data, and can arrange the data to be sent on an ongoing basis.  AEI provides an ideal location to run engine durability and long term emissions.

Cell 1
  • 20’ X 18’
  • Overhead 2 ton hoist

Cell 2
  • 20’ X 18’
  • Bedplate 8’ X 3’
  • 2 ton radial arm lift assist
  • Currently set up with 250 KW Eddie current dynamometer and dynamometer controller
  • Cells 1 & 2 share a control room

Cell 3
  • 17’ X 17’
  • Configured for air cooled engines
  • Has standard water cooling
  • 500 kg radial arm lift assist

Cell 4
  • 23’ X 19’
  • Bedplate 5’ X 6’
  • High ceiling

All cells are equipped with heating and cooling, water cooling lines, access to the exterior fuel farm, engine exhaust ports, compressed air, 440 VAC 3Ø, 220 VAC 3Ø, and 110 VAC.

Application Engineering manufactures the mechanical equipment for engine testing. AEI can fashion the engine handling, drivelines, fuel measuring system, and engine cooling system for successful testing. It can also provide electronic equipment or work with a customer  to configure the test cell to the customer’s specific data acquisition needs.

AEI’s facilities are nestled in South Haven’s industrial zone; 2 hours from downtown  Chicago and  3 hours from Detroit.  Along with test facilities there is open office space for short or long stays. Location is ideal for running long term durability tests where you stop in every few weeks to monitor the progress,  or set-up a skunk works to create the world’s next best engine. Application Engineering can provide Engineering, CAD, CAM, machine shop services along with the test facility.

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