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Application Engineering Inc.’s core business is the mechanical engineering side of engine testing:  Heat and Mass Transfer, Designing Rotating Items, Linear and Torsional Vibration Modes, Thermal and Fluid Dynamics. AEI offers a core product portfolio for standard engine test equipment. But then again, how often is engine testing standard?  More often than not the customer wants new engine test cell equipment like the last one except “___________”. This is where AEI’s technical skills come into play.

AEI works with the customer to fully define the testing that is to be performed; identifying the core technical challenges and data that needs to be gathered. With the customer’s input, AEI designs 3D models in Solidworks. These models are then transferred to manufacturing using SolidCAM to machine the components. Within the facility, AEI builds and tests the equipment prior to shipping it to the customer.

Some companies like to keep most of the work in-house, only buying the components needed to complete their system. Other customers want a fully functioning system validated before shipping. AEI sells discrete parts, can be the equipment manufacturer, or a contract engineering resource. AEI has the capabilities to work with your company to meet your needs...whether they are designing, engineering, or manufacturing. 

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