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Application Engineering Inc’s core business is designing and manufacturing mechanical engineering side of engine test equipment. AEI holds the engine, fuels the engine, cools the engine and manages the driveline power out of the engine.

AEI takes on many unique projects from engine OEM to subcontractors needing something special that is out of their normal repertoire and we are always up for a good technical challenge.

AEI’s engineers use Solidworks 3D modeling software. The engineers then transfer the 3D models to SolidCAM software where the machinists make the cutter paths to run on the CNC machines. After machining AEI can facility getting the parts painted or metal finish, and then assemble and test at AEI South Haven facility. Be your own Program Manager for the project and use Application Engineering as your technical support team.

AEI has open machine time for either a one of a kind part or a small batch run.  AEI can machine to a print or facilitate a design and cut.  Along with the machining Application Engineering is open to small run contract manufacturing.  AEI will work with you!

CAD - Design and Engineering Support

Driveline Equipment Design and Support

Driveline Development

Torsional Coupling - Engineering Support

Testing Services

Available Test Cells

Machine Services


Available machines

DeVlieg CNC Horizontal Mill
X - 96”
Y - 96”
Z - 45”

Hurco CNC Vertical Mill
X - 40”
Y - 30”
Z - 22”

Bridgeport CNC Lathe
Max diameter 19”
Diameter over ways 9.9”
Length 19”

Additional manual machines

Bridgeport, lathes, surface grinders, MIG and TIG welders

Coordinate Measuring Machine
X - 20”
Y - 20”
Z - 20”

Machine Shop Services

Machining Area

Fabrication Area

Lathe Area
Machining Area Fabrication Area Lathe Area
Along with tool shop equipment AEI also has engine test cells which can double as a small manufacturing site, ample electric power available (440 VAC 3 phase, 1000 amps), large water supply, office space for a skunk works, or an incubation center.

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