Actuators - Angular position for lab testing

Actuator Output OptionsApplication Engineering Servo Actuator features an enclosed pancake servomotor and an internally mounted potentiometer, which provides instantaneous feedback of the shaft position. This precision potentiometer is directly coupled to the output shaft, ensuring consistent accuracy. These units are simple, compact, rugged and designed for ease of installation. The base package can be modified to mount in different locations. By using a control lever on the actuator many different tasks can be performed.

An example a levers can be used to simulate a drivers input for EPA roll testing. The gas pedal can be pushed to correspond to the EPA roll test.  Using a 0 – 10Vdc control signal the unit can push the accelerator for acceleration, deceleration, and holding  speeds. The actuator arm can be changed to be used in industrial HVAC systems to control the position of a damper. The larger unit has 81 lb-ins of torque.  It can move and hold a position.

The actuator arm can be changed to a drum and pulley system to perform a simple task like move a knob for durability testing. Or used to turn a steering wheel to mimic a driver. Testing that needs to be automated to put hours on a system.

With Application Engineering experience with the product, a mechanical design and complete machine shop almost any idea can be manufactured.

Standard 8551-2 Amplifier
  • Unit in NEMA 12 enclosure 12" x 8" x 4" (remote mounting)
  • Power Input 115/230 volt, 60 Hz, 1 Ph
  • Signal Input 0-10VDC Optional 4-20ma or 0-5Vdc• Amphenol Plugs for control, actuator & power (Mating connection included)
  • Inter-Connecting Cables8553 Actuator to Amplifier• Mating Amphenol connectors - 4 ft of cable
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