Actuator Systems

Throttle Actuators have grown up from actually manipulating the throttle cable as it attached to the aft forgotten carburetor to pressing on the gas pedal in the car.  The quick response actuator can control the throttle pedal for long term testing to demonstrate the viability of the fly by wire mechanism of the electronic "Gas Pedal" to being put in vehicles for mileage testing on a vehicle chassis dynamometer.  The actuator will follow an input signal to accelerate/decelerate the driven vehicle on a chassis dynamomete.  From a control room the vehicle on roll test can mimic the theoretical EPA profile with a high degree of repeatability.

These actuators are long lasting and robust.  Ideal equipment for situation that require a level or control knob to be precisely controlled to simulate an actual vehicle operator, and then run that simulation thousands of times.

Strong robust analog controls matched to industrial grade servo motors for long term use.

Throttle Actuators - Heavy Duty
Actuators - Angular position for lab testing
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