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Application Engineering manufactures complete fuel systems as well as individual fuel system components for its customers to make their own fuel delivery systems. These fuel systems and components work with gasoline, diesel, ethanol, and biodiesel. The components come with drains so one type of fuel can be removed and another fuel can be used in the same tank.

For applications that require less than 10 gallons per hour, Application Engineering makes Small Tanks in both Level (Day Tanks) and Vapor Separation Tanks. These come in carbon steel or stainless steel.  The Level Tanks can be made with/without return flow. Newer emission requirements are pushing to have a return flow system even for lawn mower engines.

Application Engineering’s best selling model is the D Series. These tanks provide 30 gal per hour of fuel. Ideal size for car, pickup truck and most over the road diesel truck engine testing.

The next larger size tanks are AEI’s MD series. These tanks handle flow rates up to 100 gallons per hour.

For the really big engines, AEI makes systems capable of supplying upwards of 165 gallons per hour.  The tanks will do what they’re designed to do, just don’t ask us to help pay the fuel bill.

Application Engineering Vapor Tanks and Level Tanks are designed to remove unwanted vapors from the fuel as it delivers fuel to the next station. AEI’s experience with fuel can help you perform the testing you require.  From simply putting hours on an engine, to complete fuel usage analysis based on the power produced. AEI can help you select the parts you need for your in-house system or AEI can make and test a complete system at AEI’s shop for installation in your shop.

Application Engineering realizes there are many unique testing requirements. Half the battle of setting up a new test lab is finding someone to make equipment to your requirements. AEI has worked with many different engine manufactures to provide the level of sophisticated equipment they need to make their engines best in class.

Diesel Fuel Level Tanks (PDF)

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