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AEI prides itself on listening to our customers and developing solutions to meet their needs. An example of this is our hydraulic lift assist.

Larger horsepower engines tend to be heavier than the ability of a person to physically push an engine cart into testing position. If the loaded engine cart does not have enough momentum going into the test stand, it will not engage the locators. If it becomes stuck before the screw lock can be engaged, it is very difficult to push the cart onto the locators. The inverse is also true. The larger the engine, the more difficult it is to remove the engine cart.

After listening to our customers, Application Engineering has developed a hydraulic system that pushes the engine cart into the test position. A ½ ton engine can be moved around the test cell much easier with the wheeled carts by AEI. By using a hydraulic system, the cart can be fully pushed into the test position and locked down. When the engine testing is completed, the operator removes the locks and pushes a lever to active the hydraulic cylinder which pushes the cart off of the locators and onto its wheels. The operator can then wheel the engine in/out of the test cell. The physically difficult part of aligning the engine test cart to the locators is done by hydraulics. This hydraulic system is an example of Application Engineering finding a better solution.

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