Engine Test Stands

Application Engineering’s knowledge of Engine Testing helps us design and build the equipment necessary to quickly and efficiently get engines into the test cell for testing. AEI’s system of carts, receivers, dynamometer stands, and engine mounting equipment simplifies setting up engines for testing.

There is a maddening range of engines that need to be tested.  Gasoline engines, diesel, turbo charged, multi-fuel, single cylinder, rotary, multiple cylinder, high speed low torque, low speed high torque. All of these engines require precise alignment to the dynamometer; positioning the engine’s output shaft to a specific orientation while accounting for engine vibrations. Application Engineering has designed vibration mounts and jackstands. These engine handling accessories work with AEI’s carts to consistently position the engine or can be used as discrete parts. AEI’s carts lock into AEI’s engine cart receivers to quickly move an engine into and out of the engine test cell, while providing repeatable engine position to the dynamometer.

Testing is required from initial design concepts, product validation, production runs, validation of product changes, power curves, fuel economy, durability, emissions, combustion research, end of line validation, and many other tests unique to the OEM. Application Engineering will work with the test group to verify the testing specifics and recommend standard equipment when possible, or make equipment specific to the OEM’s requirement.

Below are links to AEI’s Engine Testing Equipment. Application Engineering is ready to work with you on your specific testing needs. Contact Application Engineering at 269-639-7229 Ext# 1 to discuss how AEI’s engine test equipment can be matched to your engine or can be customized to suit your needs. Or click here to send your test requirements to AEI’s sales group who will work with you to quote the equipment you need.

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