Table Top Dynamometer

Application Engineering is pleased to announce the development of a dynamometer for the small engine market as defined as less than 5 HP. The core of the dynamometer is the extremely low inertia A/C motor. The A/C motor’s low inertia stator matches up well with most small engines. The matchup in inertia minimizes the potential the first order natural frequency of the engine/dynamometer test configuration will be in the engine operating speed range.

The stator is located in the AC motor housing that is supported at each end with trunnion bearings. Torque is monitored via a reaction torque meter mounted to the end of the motor and secured to the frame. The frame has the mounts for vertical and horizontal engine test orientation, along with pulley mount for calibration in the vertical direction.

This small engine dynamometer is a 3 phase 440 VAC asynchronous motor being controlled by an AC motor controller. This is a water cooled dynamometer. Cooling water flow rate is 8 l/min at 25 ºC.
  • Speed 0 – 12,000 rpm
  • Toque 0 – 6.5 N•m
  • Max Power 6.5 KW
  • Weight of system 65 kg dry

To bring this product to market Application Engineering teamed up with SAKOR, who does the electronic controls.

Contact AEI at 269-639-7229 Ext# 1 to discuss your small engine testing requirements. Or click here to send your test requirements to AEI’s sales group who will work with you to quote the right size engine dynamometer.”
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