Horizontal/Vertical Small Engine Dynamometer

Application Engineering has a line of small engine dynamometers test stands for testing horizontal and vertical output engines. The most common is called the H/V. It is for testing 3 to 100 HP engines. The core of this test stand is the AEI designed tilting and trunnion dynamometer frame. This assembly is interchangeable with several dynamometer carcasses to meet the requirements of your testing. The base unit comes with a SAJ SE30 (40Hp) Eddy Current dynamometer. It can be outfitted with a SAJ SE80 (100Hp) Eddy Current dynamometer or a variety of AC motoring dynamometer.

Basic Frame

The basic unit consists of a heavy machined and normalized steel fabrication with a tilting dynamometer platform, which is supported by heavy, hardened trunnion bearings. The frame is completely machined and painted with polyurethane enamel. The unit rests upon four adjustable, vibration dampening/leveling feet, and is also equipped with forklift channels.

Above the vertical centerline of the box is a mounting surface for vertical shaft engines. Horizontal shaft engines are mounted to a knee of the weldment that has a finished top surface 9.9 inches down from the horizontal centerline of the dynamometer in the 90o position. This surface has a .5" centerline keyway and tapped holes on a 16.0" centerline for mounting a horizontal shaft engine adapter plate.

Frames Include:

Tilting Mechanism
The dynamometer platform is raised and lowered with a standard manual hydraulic jack.

Pivots and Locks
Each test stand is equipped with standard, hardened steel, replaceable pivots and tapered locking pins with replaceable hubs.

Load Measurement
Reaction load cell (trunnion mounted absorber, 40HV (0-100#), 100HV (0-250#)

Speed Measurement
60T tachometer gear and electro pickup

Cooling System (in base of frame)

  • Pressure regulated
  • Flow limiter, depending upon the size of the dynamometer
  • Two highly flexible cooling lines
  • Flow switch, set for specific dynamometer
  • Valve shutoff solenoid

Optional Equipment

Extended Frame Option
The extended bed option supplies the customer with an additional 15.5” length in engine mounting surface.

Vertical Engine Mounting
Vertical engine mounting box is bolted to the front face of the dyno box and serves as a coupling guard.  Includes a set of standard "deck mounting" holes and additional holes may be installed at the time of unit's design.

Thermocouple Package

  • Bearing temperature, two "K" type
  • Loss plate temperature, two "K" type for eddy current dynamometers

Dynamometer Cooling Water Filtration
This piece of equipment is designed to filter and magnetically separate water from municipal sources or closed loop systems.

Starter: Engine (through dynamometer)
Two 110VAC starter motors connected to a ring gear for easier engine starts.

Horizontal Engine Mounting Plate
A flat ground plate, 10" x 22" x .875" thick, with a center keyway on its underside to mate with the centerline keyway in base weldment. Four elongated slots in the side enable the horizontal adjustment of the plate and engine into the coupling. Actual centerline risers are not included.

Coupling Guard
This 3/8” guard (painted safety yellow) is designed for engines being tested in the horizontal position only.

Electric Tilt Actuator
This 115V electrical actuator tilts the dynamometer box so that both the horizontal and vertical positions may be obtained.  It also allows the customer the ability to test engines at different angles.  Note: Some restrictions may apply.

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