Dynamometers for Sale

Eddy Current

In association with SAJ Test Plant of India, Application Engineering Inc offers their complete line of Eddy Current dynamometers. AEI can assist you in sizing our models.  Torque and power curves are available for all models.  Models come in standard speed and have a higher speed option.
Model  Max Power kW  Max Torque Nm  Inertia kg m2
  • SE20   20    80    0.0165
  • SE30    30    95    0.0168
  • SE80    80    160    0.0275
  • SE150   150    500    0.0930
  • SE250   250    1200    0.4640
  • SE400   400    2000    0.8720
Application Engineering is proud to offer engine dynamometers for sale to suit you testing needs. These can be bought in its own cradle or Application Engineering can mount the base dynamometer carcass into a frame like our Horizontal/Vertical Engine Test Stand or incorporate it in our Integradyne Engine Testing System for larger engines that require carts.   Several other large power eddy current dynamometers are also available.  Due to the uniqueness of the larger dynamometers quote times and delivery tend to be longer.

Dynamometer options include high-speed versions, rotor bearing thermocouples, calibration arms, water inlet filtration, water outlet controls and shut offs. These dynamometers can be interfaced with your engine testing lab or be custom applied into such items as our Integradyne Engine Dynamometer Test Stand.

Contact Application Engineering for further information on how AEI can assist in sizing the dynamometer for your particular application.

Dynamometer SAJ-SE Series Brochure (PDF)
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