Dynamometer Comparison


Definition: Rotary power absorber that outputs speed and torqu. Able to be electronically controlled.

Rotation: 2 quadrant  absorb Clockwise and Counter clockwise
4 quadrant motor/absorb CW and CCW

Basic Descriptions:                                                            
Alternating current-Motoring Variable speed  (AC-VS)
          Air cooled,Water cooled or Oil/Water cooled

Direct Current-Motoring Variable speed (DC-VS)
          Air cooled-

Eddy Current- Absorbing (EC-DG/WG)
          Air cooled,Water cooled

Hydraulic Brake-Oil Absorbing (Hba)
          External Air or Water cooling

Water Brake- Viscous Shear-Absorbing (WBv)
          Water cooled

Water Brake- Momentum Exchange- Torus Cups-Absorbing (WB)
          Water cooled

Water Brake-Drilled Disc- Momentum Exchange-Absorbing (WBd)
          Water cooled

Friction Brake- Oil friction with oil separation and cooling (Fbo)
          External Hydraulic Pump and Motor(Absorbing)
          External Air or Water cooling

Hybrid Eddy Current- Absorbing /AC-DC Motoring (EC-DG/WG-AC/DC)
          Air cooled Water cooled

Hydraulic Brake-Oil - Motoring/Absorbing (Hydrostatic) (HBm)
          Additional Hydraulic Pump and Motor(Absorbing)
          External Air or Water cooling

Friction Brake- Disc, Drum and pulley( i.e. Prony) (FBf)
          Air cooled, Water cooled(indirect)

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