Engine Oil, Transmission Fluid and Process Fluid Cooling System

Application Engineering manufactures a robust fluid cooling system that can be rolled from one test cell to another. The core of the system uses a tube and shell heat exchanger with a controllable thermal valve. These systems can be simple enough to handle just one fluid, or more involved to include multiple fluids such as engine oil, transmission oil and engine coolant in one compact unit.

Application Engineering Cooling systems have been used for: base engine development, fuel economy improvements, engine power rating, transmission load testing, etc.. The systems can be as simple as keeping the engine running through durability, to a higher level of sophistication that requires a higher degree of temperature control as well as controlling fluid flow rates.  Application Engineering has developed the next level of sophistication by incorporating computer controllers with automated valves to closely control the fluid temperature as it returns to the engine.

Application Engineering has developed different systems for different needs depending on the needs of the customers. Besides controlling the fluid temperature by cooling, some systems also have heaters to bring the fluid up to a predetermined temperature. Some systems require pumps to push the fluid back to the engine.  The electronic temperature controls can be controlled at the unit or can be monitored &/or modified from the control room. 

See Cooling System Options for a range of options used to control the temperature and flow of engine oil, transmission oil, dynamometer cooling water, and turbo intercoolers.  These units can be configured to control injection mold temperatures or other process that require precise fluid temperature control.

Give Application Engineering a call at 269-639-7229 Ext # 1 to discuss how AEI’s engine cooling system equipment can be customized to suit your specific application. Or fill out as much as is known about your particular test requirements on Application Engineering Cooling Questionnaire. Send it through our contact page and AEI’s Sales Group will work with you to quote the appropriate equipment to perform your testing, as well as, options to minimize both the equipment and utility cost to run your testing.

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