Engine Coolant and Oil Cooling System Options

  • Heat Exchanger – This is the core of the cooling system. Application Engineering will size the heat exchanger to remove sufficient heat to control the test fluid temperature based on cooling water availability.
  • Manually settable temperature control valves. 
  • Computer controlled closed loop feedback controllers for local temperature control or remote temperature control from the control room.'
  • Additional thermocouples for temperature monitoring.
  • Pumps to push the engine fluid(s) through the heat exchangers and back to the test unit.  Depending on power requirements the units can be US 110 VAC, 220, or 440. 
  • Controls on the unit &/or control room controls.
  • Heaters: Systems with heaters are normally referred to as tempering systems. Application Engineering has built systems with heaters to provide higher fluid temperatures for specific testing. Systems have been built to mimic the oil temperature in the engine, others to speed up the time the engine comes up to operating temperature.
  • Flow Meters: Multiple types of flow meters have been added to the systems to closely measure the fluid flows so detailed thermodynamic studies can be performed on the test engine.
  • Different fluids such as Urea, glycol, Automatic Transmision Fluidsl
  • Turbocharger Intercooler
  • Electrical system using 50 hz and alternate voltages systems for overseas usage.
  • Addition of Chillers to cool the liquid colder than available cooling water temperature.

Cooling System Options


Contact Application Engineering  to discuss how AEI’s engine cooling system equipment can be customized to suit your specific application. Or fill out as much as is known about your particular test requirements on Application Engineering Cooling Questionnaire. Send it to Sale@appenginc.com and AEI’s sales group will work with you to quote the appropriate equipment to perform your testing as well as options to minimize both the equipment and utility cost to run your testing.

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