Engine Coolant Cooling System

Application Engineering manufactures a robust engine coolant cooling system that can be rolled from one test cell to another. The basic system uses a tube and shell heat exchanger with a manually settable valve. An ideal setup for durability or if you need to run a few hundred hours on an engine.

Another option is a more sophisticated engine testing, fuel economy and engine power rating. Testing that requires a higher degree of control for many parameters. Application Engineering has developed an engine coolant cooling system that uses computer controlled valves to more precisely control the engine coolant temperature as it returns to the engine.

Application Engineering has developed many variants of the basic systems to help facilitate our customers particular engine test needs.  We have added holding tanks to push hot coolant into the engine to quickly bring it up to test temperature so the engine test sequence can be run quicker. We have added pumps to circulate cooled engine coolant through the engine to cool the engine quicker for faster thermal cycling. A computer temperature controller tied into the control room can be used to change the coolant return temperature as part of an overall test plan.

Engine Coolant Coolers


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Engine Coolant and Oil Cooling System Options

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