Engine Cooling Systems

Engine Cooling SystemsOne of the key features of engine testing is the ability to measure the heat in compared to the power out.  Application Engineering has been manufacturing engine coolant, oil, and transmission coolers for many years. A system can be very simple (one fluid with a manual temperature control valve) to very complex (multiple fluids, pumps, cooling and/or heating with computer controlled feedback loops to precisely control the temperature).

For simpler long term engine testing, the task is to simply and reliably keep the engine coolant temperature in a moderate range of temperatures close to the expected temperature coming back from the radiator. Application Engineering manufactures a very robust system that does not need electric power or air to operate. The cooling system uses the engine water pump to push the engine coolant through the heat exchanger. The cooling side of the heat exchanger uses the pressure of the in-house cooling water system and a manually settable valve to hold the return engine coolant temperature to +/- 5 ºF.

For more sophisticated testing such as engine power mapping, the engine coolant and oil temperature can be controlled to within +/- 1 ºC.  Application Engineering can outfit a system with closed loop electronic temperature controllers to operate automated valves along with pumps and the optional heater.  Application Engineering can make the fluid system to support your demanding engine or component testing.

Application Engineering’s understanding of thermal dynamics can be transposed to other manufactures’ needs such as controlling the temperature of fuel systems, oil for rocker arm testers, transmission friction testing, turbo intercoolers, combustion process air and urea systems.

Standard Engine Coolant Sizes
50 HP
100 HP
150 HP
250 HP
350 HP
500 HP

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