Flywheel - Inertia Mass Systems

For some driveline testing, a large rotational inertia mass has to be added. These rotational inertia mass systems mimic the rolling mass of the vehicle. Knowing the mass required and speeds of the engine and transmission, Application Engineering develops a system to support the weight, minimizes vibration modes, has a safety guard and normally includes a separate braking system. 

Sometimes the mass is between the engine and the dynamometer, other times it is behind the dynamometer.  Depending on customer requirements AEI can include a braking system to slow or hold the inertia mass (transmission lockup). The brakes are normally sized to also be used in an emergency stop.

Very often the customer needs a multiple inertia mass flywheels system. An inertia system that can be quickly changed in inertia size. AEI has manufactured inertia mass systems that uses multiple discs that can be added or subtracted from the overall inertia so one piece of equipment can mimic different size vehicles.

The inertia mass is contained within a heavy guard and can include interlocks to make sure things are secured before testing can begin.

Flywheel Inertia

Flywheel Inertia Mass  

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