Flange Adapters

Application Engineering Inc’s machine shop makes a variety of driveline flanges and engine flywheels.  Flanges sometimes are simply to join two rotating parts using pilots and having the right number of screw holes. Other flanges need to be designed and machined to add more inertia to part of a driveline to balance out the resonance in a system. Or an engine flywheel needs to be made to replace an automatic transmission flex disc. For an example - Flywheel with Ring Gear (PDF)

As part of a driveline development AEI designs and manufactures specialty flanges and flywheels. These parts are machined from machine grade steel and are balanced to the appropriate speed.

If you have a design and need someone to manufacture the driveline flange or need someone to design and manufacture the flange, Application Engineering can put your total driveline together.

Contact Application Engineering to discuss how AEI’s can help put your driveline together.

Flywheel with Ring Gear (PDF)
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