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Application Engineering is one of the few companies that has extensive knowledge with Engine Test Cell Drivelines.  In conjunction with Voith Highly Flexible Torsional Coupling (previously Kusel Coupling) AEI has sized and manufactured hundreds of drivelines from sub 5 hp to + 10,000 hp. The majority of these drivelines are characterized as two inertia masses joined by a driveshaft. AEI does a first level natural frequency analysis based on engine inertia, engine specifics and dynamometer inertia.  With the wide variety of Voith couplings available, AEI can find a suitable solution that minimize the torsional harmonic issues. 

Torsional couplings are required in most engine to dyno applications. The firing and compression of the engine pistons put torsional spikes into the system. The engine crankshaft and the driveshaft turn into a dynamic torsional spring. The torsional coupling dampens the engine firing pulses and helps move the resulting natural frequency out of the normal engine operating range. With the torsional coupling, engine testing can be performed over the entire engine operating range.

These couplings not only increase driveline stability, they also provide a fusible link in the driveline in case of failure. This fusible link protects not only the engine, but the expensive dynamometer. 

For difficult systems, Application Engineering can leverage the industrial might of Voith to have a finite element analysis performed to better understand the dynamic nature of driveline torsionals. The specific FEA for drivelines is Torsional Vibration Analysis (TVA). The TVA highlights the main resonance frequency, harmonics of the main resonance, as well as any nodal frequency inversions that cause large torsional spikes to components in the driveline.

Armed with the knowledge of the torsional resonance, power transmission, and engine speeds Application Engineering Inc can put together the entire engine test call driveline. Along with providing torsional coupling through Voith, AEI manufactures the periphery equipment to perform engine testing. Periphery driveline items such as: balanced and piloted flanges, driveshaft guards, bearing blocks to support driveline component weight, and inertia flywheels. AEI can put it all together including a commercially available driveshaft.

Contact Application Engineering at 269-639-7229 Ext# 1 to discuss how AEI’s available driveline knowledge and equipment can be used to suit your application. Or contact us with your driveline inquiry and AEI’s sales group will work with you to quote the equipment you need.

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