Drive Shafts

Application Engineering has put together many engine test cell drivelines. Once the question of how to handle the torsional vibration is decided the next question is how to get the power from the engine to the dynamometer. 

One of the most common solutions is to use a Universal Joint Driveshaft. Application Engineering will work with the customer to find the appropriate size driveshaft that will handle the torque and engine speed.  Once the basic information is answered, the next question is what flanges will the driveshaft mount to and how long a driveshaft.

Application Engineering’s machine shop makes many of these flanges.

For a development laboratory how quickly an engine is changed is not a major issue.  As the number of engines being tested increases (Uniform Quality Audits, end of line testing, ets) a method to quickly and safely hooking up the engine becomes a bigger issue. Like Application Engineering’s Carts, AEI has made a variety of engine testing docking stations to minimize test cell down time. Many of these solutions include a spring loaded driveshaft with a female spline. A male spline on the engine engages the female spline at the end of the driveline without overloading the dynamometer bearings.

Many of these systems have common elements, but each driveline is specialized to the customer’s unique engine, torsional, and test requirements. Contact Application Engineering at 269-639-7229 Ext# 1 to discuss how AEI’s available driveline knowledge and equipment can be used in your application. Or contact us with your driveline inquiry and AEI’s sales group will work with you to quote the proper equipment for your testing setup.

Standard Driveshafts Driveshaft Torsion Comp Driveshaft Torsionall Cop
Standard Driveshafts Driveshaft Torsion Compliance Cutaway of Driveshaft with Torsional Compliance

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