Drive Shaft Guards

Application Engineering Driveshaft Guards are developed to encapsulate the driveshaft and torsional coupling. The standard application has a double hinged, folded steel plate designed to accommodate the drive shafts with a +/-1½-degree slope. The thickness of the steel plate is based on the power associated with the driveline. This unit includes the adapted riser to adapt to the Guard to the dynamometer base or bedplate. Included are wooden driveshaft support to keep the driveshaft on axis in-case of mis-haps.  Also the wooden blocks keep the driveshaft in place while switching engines. The entire guard is sandblasted, primed and painted with safety yellow epoxy paint.

Application Engineering also manufactures a telescoping driveshaft guard. The length of the guard can be changed depending on the set-up.

Telescoping Driveshaft Guard   Typical Driveshaft Guard
Telescoping Driveshaft Guard   Typical Driveshaft Guard

Driveshaft guards are one of those pieces of safety gear you hope you never have to use.  But if you do, you want it to do it’s job. Contact Application Engineering to find out more about our driveshaft guards today!

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