Driveline Components

Application Engineering works with the customers to develop complete drivelines from the engine to the dynamometer.  AEI will verify the power and speed of the system.  Using the information provided by the customer, AEI will run a first level torsional vibration analysis to find potential system resonance frequencies.  Armed with this information AEI will then size an appropriate torsional coupling to move the natural frequency outside to the expected test speed range so he engine can be tested over it’s complete operational range.

Armed with the knowledge of the torsional resonance, power transmission, and engine speeds Application Engineering Inc can put together the entire engine test cell driveline. Drivelines in engine test cells that bolt together to end of line testing that automatically connect to the engine when the engine is loaded into station.

Along with providing torsional coupling through Voith, AEI manufactures the periphery driveline items such as: balanced and piloted flanges, driveshaft guards, bearing blocks to support driveline component weight, inertia flywheels and automated driveline connections.  AEI can put it all together or work with the customer to supply the components they need to complete their driveline.

Application Engineering designs in SolidWorks a CAD system that is very compatible to other CAD systems.  The system provides a complete CAD model for machining and engineering data such as weight and component inertia.  AEI uses the latest technology to provide a sound engineering solution that will fit within the customer’s available space.

Contact Application Engineering to discuss how AEI’s available driveline knowledge and equipment can be used to suit your application.  Or send your driveline inquiry to and AEI’s sales group will work with you to quote the equipment you need.

High Speed Bearing Block (PDF)

Driveline Design & Support

Driveline Design and Support

Contact Application Engineering to discuss how AEI’s available driveline components can be used to suit your application.

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