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Fuel Mangement Systems can be fairly simple or very complex depending on the customers’ needs and expectations. Several of the more common options are:

  • Volume Displacement Metering
  • Coriolis effect Metering
Different manufactures for each variety of meters are available Or AEI will work with the customer’s selected vendor

Fuel Pressure Control: – Back Pressure regulator with 
  • Manual Pressure Control
  • Automated Pressure Control
  • 12 VDC – automotive grade
  • AC motor with Pump
  • Variable speed motor with Pump
  • Gear Pumps
  • Vane Pumps
  • Positive displacement pumps
Return Fuel Cooling:

Most common method is with a small heat exchanger and a manually controllable valve.  AEI has also manufactured systems with automated feedback control valves for a finer level of temperature control.

Fuel Tempering:

Control the temperature of the fuel to the engine.  Diesel can use electric heaters.  Gasoline system uses a hot water/steam heat exchanger.

Volume Flow Rates:

AEI has four standard size systems:
  • Small Tanks   0 – 10 gal/hour
  • DL Series  0 – 30 gal/hour
  • MD Series  0 – 100 gal/hour
  • HD Series  0 – 180 gal/hour

Portable Fuel Delivery System for On Vehicle testing

Fuel Systems

Basic Fuel System Fuel System Stainless Steel Enclosure
Basic Fuel System
Fuel System with Stainless
Steel Enclosure
Fuel System with duel meters tempering variable speed motor and pressure Fuel System with typical setup
Fuel System with duel meters tempering
variable speed motor and pressure
Fuel System with a
Typical Setup

Contact Application Engineering to discuss how AEI’s Fuel Management System equipment can be customized to suit your application.

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