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Thank you for your interest in Application Engineering Inc. and its engine testing instruments. The AEI web pages are designed to help identify most engine testing instruments and components used in Product Development, Research, Durability, Quality Assurance, and Production Test situations.

Application Engineering Inc. began in response to the need for components other than engine dynamometers and testing data acquisition systems for engine testing. We have responded for over 30 years to these needs for the increased utilization of engine test cells. By palletization or cart mounting of the test engines, and related test cell equipment, an engine can be predressed and, in some cases, even pre-run before being introduced into the test cell. The predressed engine minimizes the changeover time in the cell to as little as 15 minutes, maximizing engine test cell runtime.

Engine testing varies from chainsaw engines, automobile engines, to ship engines. Application Engineering Inc. is open to all of these markets, while the majority of our work has been proven superior in the automotive and medium truck diesel industry. Within this market, we have and continue to develop groups of accessory components for testing.

Application Engineering has developed Fuel Delivery Systems using special vapor elimination and level tanks for gasoline, diesel and alternate liquid fuels to be used with your choice of flow meters in measuring the fuel flow to an engine. The original tanks were for the automotive size engines. The product line has been expanded to offer smaller tanks for use with single cylinder lawn mower engines and enlarged to accommodate up to 3500Hp diesel engines.  Most of these systems are custom to the application.  AEI would be happy to analyze your test parameters and make recommendations for a fuel system to meet your testing requirements.

Partnered with Voith Turbo of Germany, AEI provides clients with torsional couplings and other driveline components. We have found the Highly Flexible Torsional Coupling offered by Voith Turbo to be an excellent product to solve difficult torsional problems in dynamometer systems. Previously known as a Kusel Coupling, the device can be added to the front of the dynamometer or the rear of the engine to control frequency driven torsional issues. Application Engineering Inc. and Voith Turbo can perform torsional vibration analysis and recommend a coupling, driveshaft, and other driveline components for your application.

Another line of AEI developed equipment is the small engine dynamometer test stands. These dynamometer test stands are sized 0.5 to 5 HP, 3 - 30Hp, and 5 to 100 HP.  Designed to test both horizontal and vertical output engines. The design allows a single engine dynamometer to be placed in either position. AEI will work with the customer to customize the base design to allow many options including driveshaft driven engines and side loading the axis.

Application Engineering Inc's staff will gladly help you determine the best engine testing instrument choices for setting up a new test cell or upgrade an existing engine test stand.

If you have testing needs but lack test cells, AEI has (4) open test cells available for contract testing.  Also, at the AEI location there is open office space and availability of machine tools for a development project. If you need development space or wish to be “Off Site” the Application Engineering facility in South Haven has many of the amenities of a world class development operation.

Application Engineering holds the engine, cools it, fuels it and manages the driveline. Click here to contact Application Engineering for more information about how AEI can support your engine testing!
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