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Application Engineering is proud to offer a range of engine test equipment to suit your engine testing needs. Engine testing can vary from single cylinder gasoline chainsaw engines to huge multiple cylinder diesel engines with multiple turbochargers. AEI is open to all of these markets while our background has proven superior in the automotive and medium duty truck diesel industry.

Application Engineering designs and builds equipment to hold the engine. It can be a standalone fixtures or  integrated into a mobile system of carts and receivers for quickly changing engines to maximize engine dynamometer up time.  Application Engineering has incorporated the cart, receiver, and engine dynamometer into our Integradyne Engine Test Stand that can operate without a bedplate.

No Engine Test Stand would be complete without a driveline to manage the power and torsional issues associated with the internal combustion engine. Application Engineering, with it's partner Voith, will size the driveline to manage the torsional issues, power, and speed unique for your test stand. We will also build a driveshaft guard to keep your operation safe.

Complementing these items, Application Engineering makes Fuel Systems, Cooling Systems, and Throttle Actuators to feed and cool your engine. The systems can be simple but robust to keep the engine running for thousands of hours for durability testing; provide very precise thermal control for total thermal analysis, or provide fluid control for stoichiometric combustion analysis.

Application Engineering, the Mechanical Engineering side of Engine Testing. Click here to contact us for more information about our engine testing equipment today!”
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